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Snow Plows

Save on Snow Plowing!

[column size=half position=first]Instead of paying for snow plowing every winter, purchase your own, and maybe make some extra money. I’m sure you have thought about it! Owning your own plow can be a great investment for business owners, homeowners and shopping center/apartment complex owners. Most homeowners get tired of shoveling sidewalks and long driveways after just one snowfall. And, if you’ve tried a snow blower as an alternative to the old fashioned shovel, you know it is better but not quite as easy as it looks, especially for larger properties.So whether you are contractor who is tired of only being able to work when the weather outside is delightful, or a shopping center/apartment complex owner who is fed up with the late arrival of the snow plow cavalry, browse our inventory and see how affordable owning your personal plow solution can be. At Hilltown Services we carry new and used plows including Snow Dogg plows and can “hook you up” with plows that fit everything from a golf cart to Dodge, Chevy, Ford, and even Jeep. Hook your plow or salt spreader to the SUV, pickup, ½ ton or ¾ ton truck of your choice the day before the snow arrives and be ready to go.[/column][column size=third position=last][/column][clear]

Commercial Salt Spreaders

[column size=half position=first]Hilltown services can also provide a full line of Salt Spreader options including a professional grade walk-behind version with 100 to 200 lb. capacity, an in-truck bed hopper version with up to 6 cubic feet capacity or a tailgate spreader with up to 11 cubic feet of capacity. At Hilltown Services we service any product that we sell, whether you bought it here or not.[/column][column size=third position=last][/column][clear]