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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the price range of carts?

You can get a golfcart for as little as $3,000 or spend as much as to $6,500. It depends on the options you choose. Be aware that it may be cheaper to get a quality cart upfront. Service on an older cart can add up.

Can I get a standard golf cart?

You can get a basic cart if you wish. Options can always be added later. If you are thinking of options in the future, be sure they are professionally installed.

What accessories are available for the carts?

There is a very large selection of options. Everything from wheels, tires, and lights to dump boxes, utility attachments and tops. Follow link to the Red Hawk online catalog

Who will service the carts?

Hilltown Services will service both electric and gas carts. We will service your cart even if you did not purchase it here.

Will you deliver the cart?

Yes, there may be delivery charge with your purchase. All local deliveries are at no charge with the purchase of a cart. Call us for long distance deliveries.

Can I get a custom color?

Yes, we can have your cart painted any color you wish. We usually have some custom colors in stock.

Do you carry electric and gas powered carts?

Yes, we have electric and gas carts in stock. Let us know your needs and we can help you pick which type of cart is best for you.