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Custom Golf Carts / Modifications

Golf carts are the most economical way to improve your standard of living. They reduce your task time, increase productivity, they are used in every industry. You will see them everywhere and for good reason; they work for you! Right off the bat, a golf cart helps make utility, gardening, and leisure time a snap, and with custom golf cart modifications, you are free to expand your options. Below is a list of some popular modifications and accessories for your custom golf cart.


Lift Kits: A lift kit gives you ground clearance which will let you go anywhere a quad will go; lets not forget to mention how cool it looks!

Rear Seat Flip Kits: With a rear seat flip kit, you will be able to haul extra people around in comfort, with the option of having the seat flip out into a cargo bed for hauling.

Cargo Boxes: Cargo boxes are attached to the back of a typical golf cart, to give you the functionality of hauling and moving materials around for maintenance and utility.

Lights: Lights will give you the freedom to drive around in the dark.

All Colors Available

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