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Chris Vogt and Leo McManemy started Hilltown Services in 2001. Their vision was to provide residents and businesses in the Bucks and Montgomery County area with some unique, comfortable, dependable and fun off-road transportation alternatives. Over the last 16 years their customers have driven their initial concept to new applications and a geographic reach that they never imagined. The most important ingredient to Chris and Leo’s success with Hilltown Services is their passion for customer service.

About Chris Vogt
Chris got his start fixing air cooled VW’s when he was 13 years old with his dad and then worked at a VW automotive machine shop for 13 years fixing VW engines. As a tool and dye machinist, an automotive machinist and a maintenance mechanic it was an easy transition to fix golf carts and ultimately graduating to building custom carts ranging from Hummer H3 carts to army Jeep carts.

About Leo McManemy
Leo McManemy a.k.a. Leo “The Golf Cart Guy” has always been in the mechanical field. Twenty-five years ago a guy gave Leo an old beat up golf cart that didn’t run. Leo transported it back from the mountains, made his own lift kit, put wheels and tires from an ATV on the cart and rebuilt the motor. He found that he could drive that golf cart anywhere in the woods that a quad could go, in a great deal more comfort. Since then, Leo’s worked on every brand and type of golf cart ever made.